April 15, 2014

The Company

One company: W.A.R. Media LLC

Three divisions: 1. Record Label 2. Management Company 3. Evolutionary Multi-Media Content Development.

One laser-like focus: Support, produce and distribute courageous content situated a few inches left of center.

Genres: Whatever moves us artistically, lives up to our quality standard, is original and is special. We are not genre-specific.

Artists: Artists seek to work with W.A.R. Media because they can get their “joint” done. Equally important, they add value and benefit from our rich, professional, artistic community. If we take on a project, you best believe we care about the art and its creator.

Approach: Our scope is wide. We care about quality, not volume; allowing us to continue to be selective about the projects we develop and artists we invite into our community. We are meticulous in our approach to development, production and execution.

We are the agents of change: We Are Renegade.